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This Year At ODUBCM
Fall 22 - Spring 23

Spring Retreat!

This semester we also got to attend a retreat with CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) of the College Ministries Of Virginia! We had a blast, connecting with other college students as well as being challenged personally. A lot of growth happened this weekend and we are grateful that we were able to attend. The students are already looking forward to the next one! (Eagle Eyrie here we come!)

After spring break, the semester fleeewww by! Before we knew it, our last 5 large groups were done! We continued our series on friendship with some awesome special guests and had some other activities and events sprinkled in.

(Photo 1) Pastor Edwin Jones of the Bridge Church in Hampton, Va, who spoke to us on friendship with others.

(Photos 2 - 8) As members of the UCA, we participated in the Spring Service Project - making blankets of the oncology unit at CHKD. 

(Photos 9 - 11) Bible Study! After spring break we kicked off bible study.

(Photos 12 - 13) The following week we took a pause and had a game night!

(Photo 14) Then our second speaker of the semester, Ms. Meshon Davis, came in and spoke to us on friendship with ourselves aka self care, which wrapped up the series.

(Photo 15) Then on the 6th, Missionary Ashley came and spoke to us about missions - sharing her experiences abroad, answering our questions and giving us tips and encouraging us on starting our own journey with missions.

(Photos 16 - 17) Our Media Manager and Campus Minister tabled in the Webb Center for the Mini Student Organization Fair Ft Educational and Faith-Based Organizations.

(Photos 18 - 25) We then wrapped up the semester with an indoor picnic full of games, sweet treats and fellowship!

March 16 - April 13th

February 23rd

February 23rd we got to do a lot! First, our Outreach Advocate, Jocelyne Dempsey, prayed for our campus on National Collegiate Day of Prayer, joining millions of others in praying for college campuses. A few of us also got to take a field trip, attending the gallery opening of one of our members, Tyarria Duncan, a senior who also happens to be our Media Manager. We finished the night by continuing our series on friendship - discussing first and foremost about how we are a child of God. This means that before anything, we are love, seen and chosen, and from that knowledge all of our relationships should flow.



Spontaneous Karaoke? Check!


Kahoot? Check!


Snacks? Check!


Couches to watch movies on? Check!


Packed House? Check!

Revival On Thursday - Valentines Addition


ROTh - Feb 9th, 23

On February 9th, the fictional cafe "The Open Door Cafe" opened its doors for students to come and enjoy a meal while watching a podcast on friendship. For this semester we felt like God wanted to lean into this topic so this was the first of many large groups on the topic. After watching the podcast we gathered and talked about their thoughts and opinions, asking and answering questions and processing what we just heard!

ROTh - Feb 2nd, 23

For the third Revival on Thursday we asked the students to look for a passage of scripture that resonates with them, we then created yarn paintings based on those scriptures. The goal was to immerse ourselves in the scripture some how and depicting that imagery, and/or to depict what the scripture made you feel. We then shared our scriptures, what they meant to us and how we depicted them in our pieces.